Rushing on with our busy lives, in a hurry to get to our destinations, don’t you think that we miss all the little things and signs we see around us that makes us who we are? We never notice the coolness of the breeze on our fevered faces, we never hear the sweet melodies that the birds chirp out, we don’t feel the shade that all the vast trees around us give us, we don’t see the enchanting colours of the flowers around us… In fact we don’t even have the time to appreciate the heavenly smell of the alluring delicacies our mother cooks for us! 

Why do we ignore all these little snipets of heaven our world provides for us? What’s the use of just rushing on trying to get things done as fast as we can? Life is too short to ignore the beauty of the world we live in.

So go ahead, take some time out just to notice all the little signs and cues, the little bits of beauty that we see all around us everyday!


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