Happy Fools’ Day!

As we all know today is the day to prank people to your heart’s content and try not to get pranked yourself. But has anyone ever thought what the orgin of this day is? Well I’m here just to tell you that… How this day actually got started was when this guy named Tonto Black was born… (As you can guess he was born on April 1st.) I have no idea why he was named Tonto considering that it meant fool in spanish. Anyway, as you can guess he got teased a LOT because of his name throughout his childhood and even after he grew up. But he didn’t let that bother him and he became a very successful trader. (I don’t know if it bothered him, I’m assuming it didn’t.) But even then people kept teasing him. On his birthday instead of wishing him people kept saying ‘Here comes Tonto on his special day, Tonto’s day, fools’ day!’ Even so he was successful, people knew him and for the same reasons his birthday came to be known as Fools’ day. And believe it or not THAT is why we still celebrate fools’ day on April 1st!

Nah I’m just kidding! APRIL FOOLS! 

I know that its not a very good prank and that the story seems VERY made up (it is) but that’s the best I could do in such little time.

The best thing to do if you don’t want to be pranked today is to stay in your house, don’t answer any phone calls or texts, no browsing through social media, and most importantly TRUST NO ONE! 😉

Anyway hope you have a good time, keeps the pranks simple and nothing too serous. Happy fools day once again! ☺️


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