We are the ones living in the most modern age! So much technology, so many facilities… But where are the equal rights? Yes there are lots of people fighting to gain equal rights for everyone especially women. But what difference does it make? Even when people say ‘Of course everyone must have equal rights’ they keep doing things that make it impossible. Why?
Lately one of the most controversial news doing the rounds is about women not allowed to enter some temples. Why can’t they enter temples? It is a place of worship. No God has ever said that women shouldn’t worship just like men do. Women are not ‘unholy’ to contaminate temples. They too are human beings just like men. Then why are they denied rights given so freely to men? In this issue, even if women are allowed to enter these temples, so many restrictions are kept. I read in the newspaper recently that women were being asked to enter temples either in wet cotton clothes or in silk clothes. That is just absurd! On what basis are these demands made? And why are men not asked to do the same things?

Something else which was causing problems and protests a few months back was restrictions imposed by a local college on it’s students. A new rule brought about by the management stated that the girls and boys in a class weren’t allowed to sit together. C’mon! What kind of a rule is that? That is plain gender discrimination and nothing else. Don’t the students even have a right to sit where they like? 

These are only just a very small portion of things happening around us. We have to stop turning a blind eye to them. We have to let others know that all of us are human beings. We have to realise that even if we say that we would like eveyone to have equal rights in this world, we have to act in order to achieve that. We are the only ones who can bring our society up to the modern standards that we claim we have. Maybe not all of us can bring huge changes to the world but a few small things can make all the difference in the world. 

“Many leaves, one tree” – Epic


9 thoughts on “Something That Matters 

    1. Hey! So thanks for nominating me! I’m a new blogger and I was VERY surprised when I saw this! I’m still not sure what this is all about… And I did a bit of searching and I saw something about posting 11 random facts about myself… Is that necessary? (This is pretty embarrassing, I don’t know about any of this cuz I’m new and don’t exactly have any friends who are bloggers…). It would be great if you could explain. Thanks!


      1. Hi 🙂 just go onto Google and type in liebster award and go to images there are loads on their and just save one and put it as your featured image 🙂 don’t be embarrassed! Im new too x


      2. Ooh thanks! So I’ve done that… There was something about posting 11 random facts about myself when I searched google… Is that necessary?


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