The King or the Queen? Who’s more powerful? Most of us would answer ‘the King’. Why? Yes the King does have power, but that doesn’t make him the most powerful. Doesn’t the Queen too have power to equal him?

What got me thinking about this was a question asked in a personality devolepment class conducted in IIMK (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode) a few months back which I had attended. They asked us the same question, who was most powerful, the king or the queen? Most of the students answered ‘King’, I meanwhile said something awkward about equality and whatnot. Yes there were a few students who answered that the Queen is more powerful. But none of us who answered either way had any valid reasons as to why we had answered that way. 

Then the sir taking the class firmly declared that the Queen has more power. He then went on to explain why he chose that answer. He said ‘Think of chess and the King and Queen in it. Who do you think is more powerful?’

Yes from his perspective, in the game of chess the Queen does have more power. The King can move only one space at a time, he is the one targeted and if he gets taken out then the game is over. He is vulnerable. But the Queen, she can move in any direction she wants and as many squares as she likes. She is the one who protects the King. So yes in the game of chess, the Queen has more power. But that does not mean it should be true in real life. 

I still stand by my orginal answer. I think that both the King and the Queen (being representatives of men and women ofcourse) should have equal power. Neither the King nor the Queen should stand above the other. 

Well that being said I think I’ll stop now and stop this from being an extra large and boring post. Just one more thing. Girls, remember that we are as good as boys and never are we beneath them. 

Untill next time. Bye!

~Sithara ⭐️


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