Your current relationship. If single, discuss being single.

Yep I’m single. Our society and culture are not very keen on being in love. We live in the world of arranged marriages and the occasional love marriage (which most of the time causes fights and controversies among family members and the society). But still I like being single. It has a lot of it’s own benefits. I’ll list a few of them for all the single folks out there. 

1. Freedom: You never need to worry about how your significant other will react to each and every thing you do. You don’t need to consult them to make (some) decisions (like moving to some place else for example).

2. Can concentrate on studies/work better: You aren’t bothered with the daily troubles and fights which a relationship inevitably brings. So you have less worrying to do and more time to concentrate on your work.

3. More time to bond with friends: This goes without saying. If you don’t need to spend time with your partner, you have more time to spend with friends. 

4. Can be yourself: You don’t have to change for anyone. You can be yourself and be happy the way you are without worrying about what your partner will think. 

Just a few more 😉

Yes I’m single and I love it! Relationships are great and they have their own benefits but being single too is great. So to all the singles out there thinking you would be better off in a relationship, that’s not always true! Being single is something to be enjoyed! 

So that’s it. See you tomorrow!

~Sithara ⭐️ 


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