Your views on religion.

I myself am a christian and I’m proud of it. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like or don’t respect other religions. I think that each and every one of us must respect others’ views and their beliefs whatever we may believe in. Every one of us has the right to belong to the religion we believe in. No one can take that away from us or can make fun of our choices.

But I feel that sometimes religion goes too far. Sometimes it influences our thoughts and actions in bad ways. For example, muslim people in non-muslim countries face so many troubles and hardships just because they are muslim. They are called terrorists and are attacked. They are denied their rights. What we must understand is that all muslims aren’t terrorists and all terrorists aren’t muslim. There are so many things like this happening around the world. Not only against muslims but against so many other religions too. We must definitely work together to end such injustice.

A few sentences back I mentioned the words ‘non-muslim countries’. What exactly makes a country a muslim country or a christian country or a hindu country or anything else really? Just because the majority of people living in a country belong to a particular religion doesn’t make a country that particular religion’s country. Doesn’t the country belong to the minority of people who belong to different religions too? Isn’t it their country too?

We must understand that whichever religion we may believe in, we are still humans. We are still equal and have the same rights. Nothing can change that. Not religion, not caste, not race. Nothing. 

I would also like to point out something else. There are people who believe that a God does not exist. There are people who believe that a God may or may not exist. But that doesn’t make these people (atheist or agnostic or anyone else) below any of the people who believe in religion and God. They are just the same as anyone. People have various beliefs and customs and practices when it comes to religion. But we are still human. We are still equal.

Unity in diversity 


~Sithara ⭐️ 

P.S: These happen to be just SOME of my views.


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