Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I’m an Aries and yes I think it does fit my personality a lot. Obviously not everything fits but still I think that I was born into the best zodiac sign for me.

A bit more information about Aries:

March 21st – April 20th
Fiery first sign
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling planet: Mars
Birthstone: Diamond
Day: Tuesday
Colours: All shades of red

Aries Strength Keywords:

Independent: I definitely don’t have much leadership qualities but I sure am independent. I don’t want to follow anyone or take anyone’s orders. Nor do I want to boss people around.

Generous: Am I generous? I’m not really sure in terms of material things. But in giving love and helping those who I care about, yes I am definitely generous.

Optimistic: I would like to think that I am fairly optimistic. Yes its true that I sometimes worry or overthink things but still I do hope for the best and believe that nothing bad will happen.

Enthusiastic: Yes I am enthusiastic about many things, especially about something which I am passionate about. Although I am more excited to start something and not to finish it.

Courage: I’m not completely sure about this. Sometimes I’m brave about many things and then again sometimes I’m not. This is something I have to work on.

Aries Weakness Keywords:

Moody: I can be very moody sometimes. I can go from very happy to sad or anxious in just a few minutes.

Short tempered: That is partially true. Sometimes I can keep my cool when I should be exploding but at other times I can get mad pretty quick. I think I’m less short tempered now than I was a few years back.

Self-involved: This is something I won’t agree on. I am rarely wrapped up in my own thoughts and I don’t spend time thinking about myself.

Impulsive: Yes I do act on impulse sometimes. At times it works out great, at times it doesn’t.

Impatient: That I am. I hate waiting. But sometimes I’m pretty good at sitting through boring speeches.

Something else about Aries is that they are good friends. This is definitely true for me. Being loyal to my friends is one my traits that I’m proud of.

So I think all of these explain very well how my zodiac sign is perfect for me. Untill the next post! Bye! 

~Sithara ⭐️ 


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