Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that pop up.

These songs are from my English playlist because that’s what I’m currently listening to. So here they are! 

1.  Only girl in the world by Rihanna
2. That’s my name by Akcent
3. What’s my name by Rihanna feat Drake
4. Runaway baby by Bruno Mars
5. On the floor by Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull
6. All I need by Vanze, Balco, Fransis Derelle, Brenton Mattheus
7. Locked away by R. City feat Adam Levine
8. Heartbeat song by Kelly Clarkson
9. Whistle baby by Flo Rida
10. Replay by IYAZ

So that’s it, yeah… ( I should really be named queen of awkward endings!) Tomorrow I get to bullet my entire day yaayy! Looking forward to that. Untill tomorrow then. Bye!

~Sithara ⭐


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