Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

I don’t think there’s anywhere I want to move to. I’d want to live right here in my city. But there are places that I would love to visit! 

I’m not someone who loves to travel a lot but I really want to visit three countries, and one of them is – like mostly eveyone who doesn’t live there say – America. I’d love to see all the great cities in USA, how the lifestyle of the people are different from ours. But I’d also love to see the countryside too, the overlooked beauty of it. 

The second place I’d like to visit is Australia. I guess I could say my wish to go there started from watching Masterchef Australia hehe. 😅 I’ve watched a lot of seasons and seen so many places which they went for their challenges, and I guess I wanted to see all of them myself. I have my uncle and family living there too so I’ve heard a lot about it from my cousins. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place and I really would like to visit.

The third place where I want to go to is England, or more specifically London. This wish came from reading about London in so many books. I’ve read about so many places there that I really want to see them now. 

So yeah. Those are the places that I’d like to visit. They are so different from where I live. Different cultures, different people, different lifestyles, different festivals, different food…  So I’d like to experience them all and one day I hope I will. 😊

~Sithara ⭐️ 


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