Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

  1. I live in Kerala, India.
  2. I LOVE to read.
  3. I belong to my church choir.
  4. I’m starting my final year in school in about a week.
  5. I take keyboard lessons.
  6. I’m a cat person.
  7. My favourite colour is yellow.
  8. I’m not a complete girlie girl. I can be a bit of a tomboy sometimes.
  9. I’m very shy with new people. 
  10. I’m multilingual.
  11. My favourite type of chocolate is dark chocolate.
  12. I’m crazy about music.
  13. I’m more of a night person.
  14. My favourite class in school is English.
  15. My favourite season is summer (although I hated this year’s scorching heat). 

Yaayy! So that was fun to write! My daily post is early today as I’m hoping I can post something else too today. Hope you guys will check it out! 

Until then.

~Sithara ⭐️ 


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