Your views on mainstream music. 

I don’t really like or hate mainstream music. Yes people do criticise it a lot and generally express hate towards it. But what I think is that there are rare gems in these songs that are released just for commercialisation. Maybe a lot of it is just noise but that doesn’t mean everything is.  There is no need to stereotype the music that we hear today. Music shouldn’t be labelled as good or bad. I mean there is no way not to do that but there’s no need to praise one and shun the other.

I think choices in music should be left to the listener. Hear what you like. Hear what brings a smile on your face and not something you are forced to hear. Forget about musical stereotypes and what your peers will think about you if you listen to certain kinds of music.

Even if people say that mainstream music is all bad, I won’t completely agree to that. There is always a diamond among the rough. Even amongst these deliberately commercially made songs, there might be just one or two great songs. Music that are called ‘good’. Our job as listeners is to find those songs. 

Yep so that’s about it. I’m not sure about how much sense I’m making but these are my views anyway! Untill next time.

~Sithara ⭐️ 


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