How have you changed the past two years?

I don’t think I’ve changed in many major ways in the past two years. Well there is something that could be counted as major. I started studying more. After not getting the desired results in 10 grade, I studied so much more in the 11 grade. I got good grades for mostly every exam and class test. I hope to continue this and hope I’ll finish 12 grade with excellent marks.

Something else is that my temper has gotten better. I used to get mad for little things before but I don’t -so much- now. I do get angry but not for every small thing. I can stay pretty calm when I should be exploding sometimes. I think that’s a great change for me.

Physically too I haven’t changed much. I grew a bit taller and a bit heavier (!!!). I cut my waist length hair upto my shoulders in 2014 (No it wasn’t on purpose. It was just cut off the end where it’s damaged). It grew back and now I’ve cut it again just a bit (the desired length this time thank God!). And that’s it I think. 

That’s the changes I’ve had in the past two years. How have you changed?

~Sithara ⭐️ 


19 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 22

    1. Well that will change a bit when I grow older but is that realy something to mention? Yeah there is something I’ve forgotten 😂 I’ve become a lot more mature I think


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