Favorite movie and what it is about.

There are lots of movies that I absolutely love and it’s really hard picking a favorite. But I think I’m gonna go with Om Shanti Oshana. This is a malayalam (my mother tongue) movie starring Nivin Pauly and Nasriya Naseem. It’s a very beautiful love story and I love it a lot.


Om Shanti Oshana is a romantic comedy film which came out in 2014. It is the story of a young girl (Pooja), how she falls in love, gets turned down by the guy (Giri) when she asks him out but still goes on with her life never forgetting him or her love for him. In between we can find many funny situations Pooja is stuck in along with her friends and sometimes her cousin. We can basically find many situations an Indian teen girl had to go through in this movie. A doctor’s daughter she too becomes a doctor and coincidentally meets Giri again from the hospital (being an MBBS student). They become friends and from there Giri too falls in love with Pooja.

From the way I’ve described it, it seems like a really boring and sappy movie but its actually really good. I have no idea how to describe it any way else. It’s really funny, it’s story is very touching, they way the story is narrated by Pooja herself is a nice touch. The actors have executed their roles very well. The film also went on to receive 3 state film awards. Overall it’s a great film and definitely a must watch for all Indians.

~Sithara ⭐


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