While in some countries finals are being finished and summer holidays are starting, my holidays ended yesterday and classes have started today. I started my final year in school (+2 (12th grade) it’s called here) today! Wow, time flies by so fast! It seems like only yesterday that I finished my 10th grade exam and was enjoying my holidays and then applying to a new school and a new course. I have no idea where the last year went! Now we’re the seniors in our school and in no time we’d be saying our goodbyes and going off to college. College, wow… I am pretty excited for that but still I’d like to enjoy my final year in school as much as I can. 

I really want to score great marks this year so I can get into the college I want. So I’ll be (hopefully) concentrating on my studies from now on. One of my teachers came into our class first thing in the morning and he was like ‘Oh this year is really hard. You won’t get marks easily. But you have to get marks too!’ If it was scaring us about this year’s workload that he wanted then he’s definitely succeeded!


So as I’ll be busy with school and my keyboard lessons and sunday school (in church) etc. etc., I won’t be able to write as much as I would like to. My 30 Day Blogging Challenge (which I’ve successfully completed 29 days of) will end tomorrow. So from now on I will only be posting twice a week. I’m planning on doing longers posts about more meaningful topics. After all, I did start this blog to improve my writing skills and general knowledge about things for my future career in either writing or literature.


So that’s all the things I wanted to say. Good luck to all the students for their next academic year!

~Sithara ⭐


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