I decided to write an article on the problems a woman faces in our world today. It’s something that needs to be brought to attention because the discrimination and attacks on women are only increasing day by day. For our world to survive, this must be put to a stop. I realize that this is a long post but please bear with me on this matter.

Women in our world face many grave problems nowadays. These problems start from a girl’s birth and doesn’t end untill her death. What are these problems a woman has to face in her day to day life?

The gravest problem a woman has to face in our world today is harassment. She is harassed not only physically but also mentally. Emotional blackmail, violence, aggression, and sexual harassment against women are becoming a common sight these days. A woman is considered as a toy, a soulless being for man to use and and then abandon after their use. They face gender discrimination everywhere they go. In school, in workplaces, in places of worship and even in their own homes. They are not considered as equals to men, but as beings lower than men.

Women do not receive respect or independence the society. Women are faced with statements such as ‘Aren’t you a girl? You aren’t supposed to do that’. Women are dominated by men. They have to live as mere puppets obeying a man’s rules and orders. They aren’t allowed to speak out or express their opinions.

When a girl is born she is considered as a burden to the family. This causes cruel crimes such as female foeticide. When she goes to school or any other public place, she is considered different as she is a girl. When she gets married she has to pay dowry and has to change her name. Then she is forced to live under her husband’s rule, catering to his needs and wants. She isn’t allowed to go to work. She is reduced to a mere tool, to a commodity that men can acquire. This goes on from her birth to her death.

Why does this happen in our society? Many say that it is a woman’s fault. But no, it isn’t. Saying that it is, is exactly what’s wrong with our society. The problem lies in the views and outlooks of the society about women. To prevent these problems, to give women their rights, their freedom, their equality, their place in the world, the change must start from within us. We should change and then encourage our family and friends to change too. In our future we must teach our sons to be gentlemen, to respect women, to treat them as equals and teach our daughters to expect nothing less from men. Each one of us should understand that women are no less than men. God has given them equal abilities and talents as men. We should learn to give them respect and their well deserved place in the society. Only then will our world become a better place to live in.

The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is the treatment of its women.

~Sithara ⭐️ 


25 thoughts on “A Woman’s Plight

  1. The only way this will happen is

    In our future we must teach our sons to be gentlemen, to respect women, to treat them as equals and teach our daughters to expect nothing less from men.

    There will always be bad accompanying the good. We can never abolish the bad happening in the world outside. But we can try to reduce it.

    We can certainly bring an end to the unfair means inside the house and the solution to it is what you say that I have highlighted. When families strive to be at equality in terms of their thoughts about girl or boy then half of the problems will be gone. No in-laws issue. No compatibility issue.

    Only thing will be left is to fight the bad things out in the world that will reduce as much as well.

    Cheers to your post.

    I am not in dearth of reading insightful posts like this one. Hope to see more. Cheers.

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      1. I see. Well then we are at agreement here. Let us share this understand with the world in magnitudes that will change the way people perceive life. May everyone be capable of it.

        We need to do it now. To teach our kids and also our fellow mates. Because future has something more surprising stored for us.

        Have u ever tried telling anyone such thoughts. What is the feedback or response you get ?

        You may share your thoughts ?

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      2. I meant whatever you say here on Blog, do you communicate in real life to your friends n near by people. What happens when u speak such things…


      3. Um well.. I guess I do when I get the chance. No one has contradicted me or anything. My friends and family are people who have more or less the same views as me on such topics

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