She walked along chatting away happily with her new friend. She couldn’t believe that they had so much in common. She knew they were going to be the best of friends forever. 

Just then she saw one of her friends Matt across the street. “Hey Matt! Come meet Lily! You won’t believe how alike we are!”

She walked over to Matt excitedly only to find him staring at her in confusion. “What? Why are you looking at me like that? Atleast say hi to Lily! Don’t be so rude Matt.”

She turned around to explain to Lily that she didn’t know what had gotten into Matt, only to find that there was no one beside her. 

~Sithara ⭐️ 


6 thoughts on “Micro Story 2

    1. Actually I post only 2 times a week now bcuz I have to concentrate on my studies as its my final year in school. And I really don’t get time to read other blogs. Sorry if I haven’t been reading yours


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