Hey guys! Sorry for being inactive. I’ve gotten really busy with school work. I’ve been so stressed out for the past weeks with my +1 results coming out and tests and assignments and mid term exams. So I thought I’d do a post on a few tips to deal with stress. All of us face stress in daily life and I hope these help! 

  • Tackle the problem 

When something causes you stress, just deal with it head on. Don’t leave it for later. Look for solutions to your problems. Be optimistic and never lose hope. 

  • Music 

Listening to your favorite songs is an almost guaranteed cure for stress or anxiety. Getting lost in soothing melodies or dancing to fast numbers – your choice – music can definitely make us feel better when we’re stressed out. 

  • Sleep 

When stressed out sleeping it out can help a lot (I’m not saying you should shun your responsibilities and take a nap – nope!). After a good few hours sleep you’ll feel energized, have a clear head and can deal with whatever’s causing you stress. Besides you don’t have to think about whatever’s causing problems for a few blissful hours when you sleep. 

  • Hobbies 

Singing, dancing, painting, reading, blogging, writing… Whatever it may be, indulge in what you best love to do. It helps to divert your focus away from the stressful things in your life and generally makes you happier. Stressed out? Go sit down with a cup of steaming tea and read that book that you’ve wanted to read for ages now!

  • Friends and family 

When you’re stressed out, spending time with your loved ones will definitely make you feel better. They’re the ones who care about you and will help you to de-stress and tackle that problem which has been bothering you for a while now. 

I hope these tips help you guys. What do you do to deal with stress? I’d love to know!

Untill next time.

~Sithara ⭐


16 thoughts on “5 Tips To Deal With Stress

  1. I will lock myself in a quiet room if possible. I can write anywhere, but when I’m stressed I have to turn off the world. The internet, the phone, and if I can’t find a quiet nook to be alone for an hour or so with my words, then I hop in the car and just drive. Sometimes radio on, sometimes radio off.

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