Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted and I’m really really sorry. Now that I’m finally posting, I thought I’d share a bit from my life. A few days back All India Radio or Aakashavani had approached our school (Government Vocational Higher Secondary School For Girls, Nadakkavu ) to do a documentary on it. Myself and one other girl had been selected to present our experience as students there and I thought I’d share my experience and my impression about my school with you guys!

I had studied in a very reputed school for all my life untill 10th grade and I was very reluctant to leave my friends and join a new school in +1. But hearing that the classes were very good I applied and got in for the Commerce Statistics stream (my first preference)! What’s special about our school is that in a developing country such as ours, my school has been raised to international standards by the Faizal and Shabana Foundation and the PRISM project. Through that the students get a lot of facilities (more on that later) that most of the schools in our country don’t have. 

When I first visited the school for my admissions I was awed by the beautiful and lush gardens my school has. My school is in the middle of the city where it is very hard to find any greenery except for the occasional roadside shrubs and weeds. But inside the school it is a very beautiful place filled with colourful blooms and tall trees. Because of this I find the school to be a very calm and soothing place.

I got a better chance to eplore my school once my classes started. We have well lit smart classrooms, ISRO sponsored labs and a telescope from the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum. We have an astro turf football ground and we were very honoured when the famous football player Ronaldinho visited our school and interacted with our football team. We also have an indoor stadium where we can play volleyball, basketball and many other games. We have a clean canteen that can seat upto 400 students at a time and the food is also very delicious! Clean and convinient washrooms are also a blessing for us students.

When you read this it may not seem like much. But for us, as students we couldn’t ask more. It’s truly a blessing to get all these facilities in a developing country like ours. 

Being the introvert that I am, I never participated in anything. But since I joined GVHSS for girls, Ndkv, I had the chance to participate in many things like our food fest, sent – off for our seniors and so on. I also got chances to write more (which is something I absolutely love). I’m grateful for that. 

My classes are great, our teachers are hardworking and dedicated and I finally love the subjects that I study! I definitely have no regrets in joining a new school after 10th grade. 

I’ve made a lot of friends here who I will treasure and memories that I’ll cherish for my whole life. I think that I’m very lucky and proud to be studying in GVHSS for girls, Nadakkavu. 

~Sithara ⭐


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