As bloggers we all write. Maybe they are articles, maybe rants, tags, recipes, reviews, stories, poems… The list is endless. I am someone who just loves to write and starting this blog has helped me really discover my love for writing. The majority of us love to write and if there are any of you who doesn’t love to write, you really really should! 

Here are some of the reasons why I love to write and hopefully why you do (or should) too!

  • It relaxes me

As long as I’m not frantically writing to finish an assignment or something, writing usually calms me down. Seeing the pen flash across the page and seeing my thoughts and emotions take shape through words is just amazing. If I’m stressed out about something, writing helps me to take my mind off the problem and helps me to relax. 

  • It helps me to make sense of my emotions

Writing down my emotions and thoughts (like in a journal) helps me to make sense of them if I’m confused. Writing down what I feel helps me so much to get a grip on my jumbled thoughts or to make a decision or to channel my feelings into something more coherent. 

  • The creativity…

I once had a dream and a picture from that dream stuck in my mind and I really really wanted to draw it. The only problem was, I know nothing about drawing and saying I’m not good at it would be an understatement. But if I suddenly get an idea for a story or poem, I know how to write it and I am thankful for that. The feeling of satisfaction I get when I’ve written something I’m content with is indescribable. 

    • It gives me new ideas

    Writing gives me more ideas on what to write next. Maybe something related to what I’m writing or maybe something entirely different. 

    • Practice for exams 

    Ok so this is not exactly a reason to love writing but writing for fun helps me to improve my writing and increase my writing speed which is definitely good practise for the frantic scribbling in exams!

    • Expressing myself 

    Being more on the introverted side I really don’t talk that much. So I find it easier to express myself through written words rather than speaking. I even write letters to my best friends (who rarely reply!). 

    So those are the reasons I love writing and I’m pretty sure you’ll love writing too if you don’t already. Writing is pretty fun and also helpful in life. So get those fancy pens you’ve been saving for something special and get writing!

    Thank you for reading. Untill next time!

    ~Sithara ⭐️


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