“I hate you! I hate you all!” She screamed, running into her room and slamming the door behind her. 

‘I wish I could be invisible.’ She thought. ‘I would never have to face them again!’ She crawled under her covers and went into a fitful sleep. 

The sun’s rays woke her and instantly she felt sorry about the way she had behaved. She ought to apologise to her parents. 

“Mom? Dad?” She called, stepping out of her room. No answer. Where were they?

She thought they’d be downstairs and went to find them. But instead what she found was about 10 people crowded around the stairway, glaring at her.

Suddenly she was scared.

“Who are you people? Where are my parents? This is my house!” 

She noticed that they were about her age and that they wore clothes as if they were from different times from her. Suddenly a girl stepped up to her.

“You’re one of us now.” She said.

“One… one of y-you?” She stammered. “But who are you?” 

“Oh don’t you know?” The girl asked. “We lived here during our times. We’re the ones who wanted to be invisible from the world too, just like you did.” 

~Sithara ⭐


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