Hello everyone! Finally it’s October, the leaves have started falling, the cold has started to creep in (hopefully it has where you guys live, I don’t get much cold weather here). And it’s definitely time for that special day to roll around. Yep it’s Halloween! 

So those of you who celebrate halloween will probably be very excited about their costumes. Even though I don’t celebrate Halloween here, I thought I’d write this post on the best fictional characters to dress up as this year! 

1. Elsa from Frozen

A Halloween favorite of the girls, Elsa the ice queen from Frozen is a great choice to look your prettiest (if you don’t wanna go for scary) this Halloween. A beautiful blue gown and Elsa’s famous braid (find the tutorial HERE!) is all you need to transform into this beautiful princess for Halloween! 

2. Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games

A chance to have fun with your makeup set. A pretty poofy dress, matching hair and other accessories, shoes and makeup! Going as this eccentric character will definitely bring a little colour to your halloween! 

3. Bellatrix from Harry Potter 

Have super frizzy hair? Well here’s a chance to make use of it for once. A black dress, some long robes and a wand is all you need to go as this evil witch this year! 

4. Black Widow from The Avengers

Here’s a chance for you to put your flaming red hair on show. All you need is a cat suit, black boots and fake guns to go as this fierce assassin. 

5. Bruce Banner from The Avengers

This one’s for the boys. All you need is a purple shirt, dark brown/grey suit and glasses to go as this brainy scientist. 

6. Percy Jackson from well… The Percy Jackson Series 

Blue jeans, an orange camp half-blood tshirt, a bead necklace and a sword is all you need to transform into this awesome demigod this Halloween. If you can’t get a sword, just keep a pen in your pocket and name it Riptide 😉 You girls can also go as Annabeth Chase by just swapping the pen/sword for a yankees cap. 

7. Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars

He is probably the easiest character to dress up as. You can pretty much wear your daily outfit. Jeans, a tshirt and a brown leather jacket with an UNLIT (note: do NOT light it, smoking is bad for you, surely Augustus will tell you that) cigarette to complete the look

8. Deadpool

I don’t think any further explanation is needed. 😝

9. V from V for Vendetta 

A black shirt, pants, boots, cape, hat and a belt with daggers along with the mask of course is everything you need to go as this intriguing character this year! 

10. The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland 

Personally one of my favorite characters and also portrayed excellently by Johnny Depp in the movie, The Mad Hatter is an excellent choice for this Halloween. 

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post because I sure loved writing it! I don’t celebrate Halloween but I’d love to experience it someday… 

What/who are you dressing up as this year? I’d absolutely love to know! 

Thanks for reading. Untill next time and Happy Haunting! 🎃 

~Sithara ⭐


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