Hello everyone! I tried this little cooking experiment today and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Its a strawberry flavored cake but its not your average cake. Oh no! 

It has only 2 ingredients. Instant pudding mix and eggs! The pudding mix has been sitting on the kitchen counter for quite a few days now because I didn’t like the chocolate flavored one I made before. So I thought why not try to make a (sort of) cake? Its very easy to make. Its not even baked really (talk about cheating!). 

Just blend the contents of an 80gm packet of instant pudding mix (which you can buy from any supermarket) with 3 eggs and microwave (yes microwave) it for 5 minutes! The cake is done! It turned out pretty well but it only serves 2. 

Its a pretty simple and easy thing to make to satisfy your sweet tooth. I had fun experimenting on this today!

Thanks for reading. Untill next time!



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