Hey guys!

Like I said in my last post, I’m entering a contest held by The Stylish Dreamer (its awesome and today is the last day to enter so you’ve still got time if you want to and here’s a link to her orginal post). It’s all about spreading positivity which I think is a really great idea because lets face it, positivity has been something that has been lacking in today’s world. So I’m required to post on positivity (along with a few other requirements). And here is my post!! 

I was thinking about what I’d write and I wanted to do something different.  I didn’t want to blab on and on like a bad philosophical book so I thought why not take a more practical approach to it? Yes we talk about positivity but why exactly do we need it? Isn’t it just easier to think negative? (Because THAT sure comes easily) Well you’ll find that it’s not and so here it is! 

5 reasons why you need positivity in your life

  • No stress:-When you think positive it obviously reduces negative thoughts and also worries and tensions which will of course result in a very stress free life.
  • Great first impression:- If you are a positive person it will reflect in your actions and words and people will notice that when they meet you. This will create a great first impression and help you in many situations like competitive interviews. 
  • Helps to turn a problem into your favor:- If you are a positive thinker, then you can find opportunities in the problems that arise in your life. This will help you to face the problem and turn them in your favor. 
  • Better relationships:- If you think positive you will avoid finding faults and seeing only the negative things in people and that will help you have better relationships with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and almost anyone. 
  • Good health:- Positive thinking will of course increase mental and physical health. It’ll help you keep away from diseases and postive thinkers rarely fall into depression. Many a times you can find that people may fall sick if they have too many bad thoughts. So positive thinking keeps you healthy.  

    So now you’ve got reasons to be positive. But how exactly can you be positive? And so here are,

    5 ways to bring positivity in your life

      • Consciously try to think positive:- This may sound obvious but if you really make an effort you will find that you can think positive more and gradually you’ll do it automatically.  
      • A good meal and a good night’s rest:- Aren’t we all crabby and snappy when we’re hungry or tired? A satisfying meal and getting enough sleep will definitely keep you in good spirits and increase your positivity. 
      • Read and listen to positive things:- However sceptical you may be, a good motivational or positive thinking book or speech can do wonders for you. Even if you don’t get what’s in the book or audio, your mind will unconsciously start being more positive. 
      • Do things that make you happy:- You may have a very busy schedule, but find time to do things that make you happy. Maybe it’s an old forgotten hobby or spending time with someone you love. More happiness of course, equals more positivity. 
      • Find the silver lining:- Yes this too is an obvious thing that many people are sceptical of. But if you force yourself (I say force because this maybe exceptionally hard to do sometimes) to find atleast a good thing in a problem, you’ll find yourself gradually doing that automatically. If you find a positive thing in a problem then you could use it to your advantage and find new opportunities in a problem. It gives you the confidence to face the problem head on rather than leave it for later. 

        And here’s one more bonus point that I personally assure you will definitely bring positivity to your life. And it is

        • Spread positivity to the people around you:- Be kind, help someone out, give random surprises to your loved ones, comfort someone if they’re feeling low or simply smile at someone.  You never know what could make someone’s day. And I promise the more you make others happy the more you’ll feel happy. 

        So there you go! You’ve got reasons to be positive and you know how to bring it in your life! Be happy, be positive, be kind and don’t let negative thoughts get you down. 

        Would you say that you’re a positive person? Tell me what you think of this post and whether it will help you. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say on this. 

        Untill next time!

        ~Sithara ⭐


        26 thoughts on “Why You Need Positivity and How to Bring it Into Your Life

        1. Wow! This was such an awesome post – you have a huge chance of winning this contest! All the points you mentioned like less stress, better relationships are all relevant and great benefits to life. I also think positivity helps the job get done. Like revising. If you were negative you’d say you couldn’t do it. But if you were positive, you’d tell yourself you can do it and get on with the job. I especially love how you gave tips on how to lead a positive life!
          “Every cloud has a silver lining” – I LOVE IT!! Wonderful post!

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Oh that’s awesome! One of my friends said that she was feeling bad and she said that my post really helped her… I’m so thrilled that I am able to do that!😊😅😅 Who knew that I could help bring positivity when I myself am not such a positive person😂😅

              Liked by 1 person

            2. That’s lovely!! I’m so happy for you and your friend! And I don’t know about you not being positive…I think that you must be one of the most positive people on earth because only if you were a positive person would you make other people smile and feel happy! 😊❤🎉

              Liked by 1 person

        2. Hi again Sithara!
          I just want to congratulate you on earning a place in my #SpreadSmiles Contest!!! Congratulations!! I’m so so happy for you! I couldn’t find your email so I decided to comment on your post-I hope that’s okay! Thank you so much for entering! I hope you had as much fun as I did when I hosted the contest!
          If you don’t mind could you email me @thestylishdreamer101@gmail.com or let me know your email so that I can contact you about your prize. 😊 Unfortunately I can’t seem to find your contact form..I’m so sorry…

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hmm.. Well I usually start with ‘Its been a long time since I’ve heard from you, I hope that you are doing well’ Or something like that because it’s an informal letter. Don’t write ‘how are you?’ because everyone does that. If its to a friend you can ask about their family or maybe pets if you want. And you can ask something that most people won’t write in an English exam… like if your friend or whoever the person is that you’re addressing the letter to is a writer you can ask something like ‘how is your novel coming along?’ And then you can get to the point of the letter in the next paragraph.
              This is what I usually do…Just my suggstion


        3. Being all positive demands that you just appreciate the little things around you, once you can be contended with what you have, you will have a better appetite for bigger things in a positive way. Just learn to appreciate and see the magic of happy feelings in you,

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