Hi, everybody! Words cannot describe HOW EXCITED I AM to be here! I am absolutely honoured to have this opportunity to guest post on one my favourite blogger’s site so excuse my massive smile right now.

Sithara asked me to do some sort of blogging advice and I jumped at the idea. I haven’t done a blogging tips post in a while and I think this would be great to refresh my memory of giving readers something to help them out!

Today, I will be talking about THREE things that YOU CAN DO to pull readers in.


Let me just stress on HOW important interaction is. When I first started out blogging, I never even bothered to socialise with other bloggers and this took its toll. I got the occasional like but NO-ONE was actually reading my blog and I was pretty sad about that.
You’ve got to follow other bloggers in your niche. So, if you have a writing blog, follow blogs with the same topic. If you have an ‘all over the place’ blog follow other random blogs. I’m not telling you WHO to follow, but that’s definitely a suggestion to get people coming to your site.Follow more blogs, get out of your comfort zone! I have a book blog but I also follow lifestyle blogs – it doesn’t always matter. Be sure you’re interacting and becoming MORE part of the blogosphere. 

Don’t just settle with 20 blogs to follow, find new ONES EVERDAY – unfollow blogs you aren’t interested in or aren’t active. Don’t be stubborn when following, GO WILD!

Interaction also helps make bonds between bloggers. Believe it or not, I have SO many blogging friends now. Sithara being one of them. If I hadn’t commented on Sithara’s blog and broken out of my shell, then we wouldn’t be talking and this guest post wouldn’t exist.  I talk to bloggers on a regular basis and it’s AMAZING, I’ll tell you that.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is beneficial because

  • People get to know you
  • Bloggers will check out your site
  • You get to make blogger friends
  • You’re more involved in the blogosphere
  • Your name is more familiar to people

But DON’T comment pointless things like – ‘Great Post — *insert blog link*. I for one, hate these types of comments which consist of JUST self-promotion and prove that the commenter has not even read your post. Make sure your comment is –>

  • a decent length
  • related to the post
  • friendly, clean and polite
  • easy to reply to and start a conversation
  • addressing the author of the post
  • not spam or promotion


These are just a few guidelines to help you along the way.



Good content is KEY and believe me, it took A VERY LONG time to master this. In fact, I’m not even sure I HAVE mastered because it’s very tricky. There are so many factors that contribute to good content, it’s hard to get it right. Here are some points you might want to jot down for your next post.

A Decent Length

Unless it’s an occasional update, then make your you posts aren’t too long but aren’t too short. I’m always seeing REALLY short posts being posted every day and my thoughts are 1)why is there only 1 sentence? and 2) why don’t you combine all the updates into one post? Long posts  I don’t seem to mind too much but I don’t want to use too much of my time reading a blog post. People have short attention spans!


No-one REALLY wants to read about you eating sausages for dinner, and then going to sleep and how you made your bed in the morning. Whatever you write about has to be either –>

  • entertaining
  • beneficial
  • relatable
  • thought provoking

This post is beneficial and some posts are entertaining! I post lots of discussion posts which I hope are entertaining and thought provoking. Sometimes I post book reviews which I hope are beneficial to authors and bookworms. People have to WANT to read your posts so make them interesting. Write properly, explore ideas and make your post WORTH the read so more people follow and comment.

Suitable For All Readers

I don’t just mean making it appropriate, but making your post ‘well rounded’ is definitely helpful. My posts aren’t ALL well-rounded, like my book reviews, because not all people have read that book or want to. However, a discussion would be suitable for a wide range of readers because everyone has their own opinions.

Unique Posts

People don’t want to be reading the same stuff over and over again. Make your posts UNIQUE! Don’t follow the crowds, MAKE up your own ideas. Sometimes you can take inspiration but your blog’s selling point is YOU and so be YOU! I, personally, don’t like a blog that JUST posts weekly blog hops or memes. One a week is fine but if every day is either Memory Monday, or Sunday Sum Up, Or Tuesday Talks and WWW Wednesdays, then I unfollow. I used to be guilty of always posting awards and tags BUT THEY GET BORING after a while, you know? People want new, so give them fresh and shiny posts.  It can be hard but writing down ideas and thoughts in the day can develop into unique content.


I view many blogs from my reader but when I first check out a blog, I go on their actual site and I DON’T WANT TO BE bombarded with 5 billion colours,40 widgets and just a wild jumble of words. No, I want to come to a clean, site where I know where to go and get stuck in. A simple title, a page for blog posts, and a pretty sidebar that helps me with my experience. I don’t want to bombard you with too much stuff, but here’s some help below.

Software to design on

I use Canva And Picmonkey which are great sites!


Design Bold (free)


Adobe Photoshop (paid)

– BeFunky (free)


Free Graphic Sites

-Angie Makes – http://angiemakes.com/free-girly-graphics/

Designs By Miss Mandee – http://www.designsbymissmandee.com/downloads/graphics/

-Free Pretty Things For You –http://angiemakes.com/free-girly-graphics/

– We Lived Happily Ever After –http://www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com/p/photo-editing.html

The above sites give LOADS of free graphics and normally spark off my inspiration. However, MAKE SURE you read the conditions. If it says it’s allowed for ‘personal’ use, you can use it for things like blog headers, your own designs etc… If it says you are allowed to use the graphics for commercial use, it means you are allowed to make money from the designs (Sell them). Most designs are for  ‘personal’ and normally. you have to PAY for a commercial licence so be careful HOW you use designs.

One mistake a lot of designers make is good graphics = good design. I made this mistake too. I thought that If I had the prettiest resources and fonts, my designs would be PRETTY as well. But that’s really not the case.

It’s all about matching, and laying it out. You could include all the nicest graphics, but your design could look cluttered, give off the wrong message, or just look plain ugly. You’ve got to play around with designs and set out things nicely. I find simple looks the best. Don’t go overboard with graphics.

Advice on making a header image

  -A Wonder Forest article

-An Angie Makes article 

-A DYOB article — 

Pinterest IS A LIFE SAVER for graphic designers. Need a watercolour wash for your design, search it on Pinterest and you’ll find lots of pins websites which take you to some wonderful links. be careful with what you download, though! I use Pinterest for

a) Inspiration
b)finding graphics

Graphic Design Pinterest boards:





Colour Palette

Another thing to keep in mind is colour palettes. You really shouldn’t have too many colours. My colour palette is green, black and white. It doesn’t have to be as simple. A Light blue, pink, and black used to be my colour palette. But to make sure it’s consistent use the same shade of a colour.

You can also check out some more tips here –> https://mybookylife.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/how-designed-blog/ And if you would like me to design YOUR blog for free—>http://designermall.weebly.com/custom-design.html

Was that long or what? I’d just like to thank Sithara for letting me guest post on her site! It was so exciting and wonderful.


Mahriya @ My Bookish Life


I’m an OFFICIAL book addict, potato lover and addicted to stationery. If you want to have a conversation, then follow the chocolate wrappers or the smell of books. My all time favourite TV show is BBC Sherlock and for a book…probably, The Kite Runner, or Six Of Crows – if you must know. I’m so indecisive, I can’t even settle on a handwriting style. I’m also a proud geek (but an undercover writer) who claims that having marshmallows or white chocolate IS LIFE – which it obviously is. To get more marshmallows head over to My Bookish Life 

See you over at my blog and stay awesome,

Sign Off


6 thoughts on “3 Tips On How To Grow Your Readers – A Detailed Guide | Guest Post by Mahriya

  1. I am newish to blogging–been at it a month and a half or so. I than​k you for this post. So much information to absorb. I too am addicted to stationery. Love realio trulio snail mail letters. I’m heading over to your blog now. I’m a big reader-interested in Your Bookish Life Thanks for sharing

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