Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first ever Foodie Friday on my blog! As the name suggests I’ll be posting something food related on Fridays (once a month). It could be recipes, details about a specific cuisine, new food I tried (like this post) and anything about food really. This is a new feature I decided to try out on my blog along with Music Mondays and Booky Sundays. (Check out more details in my other post.) 

So for the first post I thought I’d share my experience of trying out Singaporean food! A month back I went along on trip with my parents to Singapore. It was such an amazing experience in a beautiful country. Shoutout to any Singaporean bloggers reading this! I haven’t really tried out many different cuisines in my life so I was very excited to try out Singapore’s local food. 

So moving on, what I ate:-

I had a few different meals of Singaporean food in the time I stayed there and I thought I’d describe two of the dishes (because those are the two I managed to get pictures of… Oops!). The first dish is Roasted Duck Noodle.

Basically what it was, was strips of roasted duck with noodles and gravy. The duck I liked. It was tender and juicy. But the noodles were actually a bit chewy and the gravy was too watery. It wasn’t flavored enough for my taste because I’m accustomed to the heavy flavors of Indian cuisine. 

Here’s a recipie I found for Roasted Duck Noodle. 

The second dish is Char Siew Rice. It was Chinese barbecue roast pork with rice and a thick gravy. The pork was a bit too undercooked for my taste and so a bit difficult to chew. But the rice was good. It was seasoned well and was not that bland.

And here’s a recipe for the barbecued pork. 

So both dishes for me were ok… Not among my favorites though. That might probably be due to the heavy flavors I’m accustomed to. Spices are used a lot in our cuisine and I definitely missed that taste. But it was a great experience trying out new food. I’d love to try out another cuisine of another country some day. Its definitely something I look forward to.

Anyway that’s it for this post. Have you tried Singaporean food? Did you like it? Which is your favorite cuisine and which would you try next? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!



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