Booky Sundays || The Boy Who Loved (Review)

Hello everyone!

How are y’all today? Hope you had a fun Sunday. I don’t even know where the weekend went! I’ve already read more than 15 books in 2018! Talk about a good start for my book goals *pointedly ignores towering pile of  TBR*. How are your book goals for this year coming along? And are there any Marvel fans out here? I just saw Black Panther today and ooooh it was amazing!! I know a bookish post might not be the best place to discuss a film… But BLACK PANTHER!! I absolutely cannot wait for Infinity War!

Moving on… This is the first ever Booky Sunday post even though I announced it a long time ago (oopsie) in this post. I finally managed to suppress my procrastinating tendancies for a bit just long enough to get this post out so yayy! Anyway, my post is gonna be a book review!! The book is called The Boy Who Loved (which is a title I love!) and I really loved this book… Maybe not the best I read this year but definitely in the top 5. So without further ado here it is!

Heartbreaking, dark and twisted, The Boy Who Loved is the first part of the duo-logy written by the famous Indian author Durjoy Datta. With The Boy Who Loved, Durjoy Datta, best known as an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur, has foraged into a bit more darker kind of romance novels. Published by Penguin Books India it came out in May 2017.

At first glance the cover is absolutely gorgeous and really suits the story’s theme. Reading the blurb, I found it to be instantly intriguing. The story describes the life of Raghu, a 16 year old boy living in the depths of New Delhi. But his life is not that of an ordinary teenager. He harbors a dark secret – the death of his best friend which he witnessed and did nothing to stop. He pushes away everyone in his life and he doesn’t trust himself to have another friend again. But when Brahmi, a girl just like him, comes into his life unexpectedly he finds himself starting to wish for a friendship again.

The Plot

Although the main plot of the book is Raghu’s story it also has many subplots that come together with the main story beautifully. And the fact that it wasn’t all too much and wasn’t too confusing is also a great thing. The story didn’t really lag much. Some parts were a bit predictable but it made the overall dark theme of the book richer. Like all books which will have a sequel it does end on a cliffhanger which makes sure that you HAVE to read the next book The Boy With The Broken Heart. 

The Characters 

I read in a Goodreads review that all the characters were a different shade of grey. I almost agree with this except for Raghu’s brother. He was the bright radiant colour among the shades of grey. (And NO this has no connection AT ALL to Fifty Shades of Grey). Raghu himself was a dark shade with Brahmi a good match for him. Broken people were the most common in this book. There were actually quite a few characters in the book but they were all memorable. Each of them have their own flaws which is what makes the story much more better. 

The Writing

What I loved most was that the perspective of Raghu was so well written that we forget we’re reading a book and this is just something the author wrote. This story is written as Raghu’s journal and it really does feel like we’re reading this boy’s journal, his words, his emotions. The story does have a way of addressing a deep rooted problem in India about the hate between Hindus and Muslims through this book which makes the reader think about it. All things considered it was a pretty good book. 

So what did you think about that? Would you read this book? I definitely would recommend it to you. What book are you currently reading and would you have any suggestions about what I should post next? Let me know in the comments!



Quote 5

This happens to be one of my most favorite quotes and it’s from my favorite book too… I love this quote so much because I think that pain really does demand to be felt. One can never suppress pain for a long time. It will have to come out sooner or later and sometimes it will consume us for a while. Pain is something that can demand our attention and our lives unlike anything else. It’s not exactly an optimistic quote but I still think it’s beautiful. 

~Sithara ⭐

Top 5 Books I Read In 2016

Is it too late to post this? *frantically running around trying to convince people it isn’t* Well anyway I wanted to post earlier but I couldn’t due to heaps of school work… Board exams are coming in March and it’s the last minute rush for doing everything at school so I never get time to write😭 

Moving on… Here are the top 5 books that I read in 2016!

  • Rumour has it – Jill Mansell

A sweet love story about a girl falling for the town’s playboy, this book managed to capture my heart. The falling-for-the-player thing may seem a common plot but this book was funny, sweet, romantic and heartbreaking at all the right places. It’s very beautiful and this book has a way of making the overused and common plotline into something interesting and heart warming. 

  • Take a chance on me – Jill Mansell

By the same author as Rumour Has It this book is also another sweet love story. Cleo Quinn is looking for her Mr.Right but can’t seem to find him anywhere. But when she starts to fall for her old high school bully she doesn’t want to hope. Again a common plot made into something beautiful by Jill Mansell. I loved Cleo’s character and I would have loved to meet someone like that in real life. Jill Mansell has a way of turning the story around in the final few pages and making sure it stays with the readers. 

  • The Maze Runner Series – James Dashner

I read all the books except The Fever Code in one go and I loved it. I happen to love The Hunger Games and the Divergent series, so its no wonder that I liked these too. A captivating and adventurous story set in a post apocalyptic world, with a hooking plot.

  • Rachel’s Holiday – Marian Keyes

Rachel Walsh doesn’t have a problem with drugs. She’s completely in control (or so she thinks) and is shocked when she’s put into rehab by her family and friends. Rachel is in no way a perfect character. She has flaws just like any human and that is what makes the story even better. When I read the book I felt her emotions, I believed what she believed even when I knew it wasn’t the truth and that is a rare quality in a book. The book literally made me cry with the character’s grief and in a second those same tears changed into ones of joy. Another book that’s turned completely around in the final few pages, I haven’t felt so satisfied after finishing a book in a long time. 

  • Paper Towns – John Green

Another one of John Green’s heartbreaking and brilliant books, Paper Towns is a story that will stick with the readers for a long time. A story in which Quentin ‘Q’ Jacobsen embarks on a journey with his friends to find Margo Roth Spiegelman, his childhood crush, who is missing but has left them a breadcrumb trail to follow. The book shows the transformation of the characters from teens to adults and how they accept that life is not easy. But it isn’t written in an overly serious way. Its funny and serious exactly where it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t have a perfect ending and neither does life which is exactly the point the author wants to convey. The only disappointment was that the characters are almost exactly the same in Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska… But other than that an almost perfect book!

And so that’s it! Have you read any of these books? Did you like it as much as I did? I would love to know!

Untill next time!


Would You Rather Book Tag

Hey everyone! I’m doing another tag today which I saw on A Biblophile’s Obsession. It’s an awesome booky blog and I suggest that you guys check it out! 

Would you rather,

1. Read only series or stand alones?

Well, I’m not sure. I read both kinds so it’s a tough choice. But if I had to choose I’d probably pick series. 

2. Read only female or male authors?

The author doesn’t really matter to me. But I’ve read more books of female authors (coincidence) so if I had to pick I’d pick them. 

3. Shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Neither because I haven’t shopped at either of them. I don’t buy things online and we don’t have Barnes and Noble here. But if I did have it here, I’d rather go there (to a bookstore) than buy books online. 

4. All books become movies or TV shows?

TV shows! So many books have been made into movies and have been changed so much!! I’d love to see them with each and everything in the book with every detail in it. So TV shows would be perfect for that! (Although please don’t make it like The Vampire Diaries turned out…) 

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

5 books a week of course! I literally cannot stop at 5 pages a day. The more reading the better right?

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

Oh, author all the way! It’s a dream of mine. Rather than reviewing others’ work I’d like to create something of my own. 

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones?

New books I’d say. As much as I’d miss reading my favorites not reading new ones are just too unbearable!

8. Be a librarian or bookseller?

Bookseller. I love new books and I want to start a business in the future so bookseller it is for me!

9. Only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favorite? 

Favorite genre. I’d miss it too much and it’s my favorite so I wouldn’t get bored reading it. 

10. Only read physical books or ebooks?

Oh physical books without a doubt. I really don’t like ebooks and I love the feel of a book in my hand. It just isn’t the same reading from a screen.

And that’s the end of another tag! I tag My Bookish Life and Write Ally! Write! for this tag and anyone else who’d like to do this if you haven’t done it already. If you do decide to do this please let me know. I’d love to read your answers! 

That’s it. Thank you for reading. Untill next time!

~Sithara ⭐

This or That Book Tag!

Hello! Sooo I was tagged for this tag by the lovely trainofthought (check out her awesome blog MyBookishLife! Honestly you’ll love it!). Thank you sooo much! I was tagged like ages ago… Sorry for not putting this up earlier! Trainofthought is usually the one tagging me in such things and I’ll be ever grateful for that, because I really love these kinds of posts. This tag was orginally created by Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks. 

So moving on,

The rules:

  1. Mention the creator of the tag.
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you. 
  3. Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but can also do them if you want to. 
  4. Tag 10 other people to do this tag and spread the love!

    Reading on the couch or on the bed?

    The bed of course! Its much more comfortable than the couch.

    Male main character or female main character? 

    I don’t really mind as long as the character is interesting…

    Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

    Sweet! Chocolates preferably. 

    Trilogies or quartets? 

    It doesn’t really matter as long as the books are good… Although I do actually have a liking towards trilogies because 3 is my favorite number 😅

    First person point of view or third person point of view?

    First person definitely! It feels like I can get to know the character better that way. 

    Reading at night or in the morning? 

    Anytime is reading time! But reading at night after the day is done is like a little treat for me, something to look forward to during the day.

    Libraries or bookstores? 

    That is a VERY tough choice… But I think I’ll have to go with bookstores because I just love to be surrounded by that new book smell and flip through the crisp white pages… 

    Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

    Definitely books that make me laugh. 

    Black book covers or white book covers?

    I don’t really care about the cover, but I do find darker covers to be more mysterious and alluring. 

    Character driven or plot driven stories?

    I’m not really sure about that because I read both kinds and don’t prefer any one over the other. 

    So that’s it! The rules say that I’m supposed to tag another 10 bloggers, but honestly I don’t know any other book bloggers other than trainofthought… So I’m really sorry for not tagging anyone. But any of you who’s interested to do this is definitely welcome! Seriously guys! It’s an awesome tag and you should really do it! 😉 

    Once again thank you so much to trainofthought for tagging me. 

    Untill next time!

    ~Sithara ⭐

    Book Review || The Revenant

    The Revenant’ by Michael Punke is the book that inspired the movie of the same name which finally put a stop to the ‘give-Leo-an-Oscar’ memes. I haven’t watched the movie so I can’t compare the book to it. 

    In ‘The Revenant’, we can read the thrilling and adventurous story of Hugh Glass, a trapper in an American fur company. When he is brutally mauled by a grizzly bear and left in the care of two men, they rob him and abandon him, defenseless, to die in the face of danger. Glass survives through sheer strength of will and a burning desire to take his revenge upon the men who left him to die. A thrilling revenge story, set in the early 1800s takes us through space and time into vast forests and the banks of the Missouri river filled with the adventures and dangers of outdoor life. 

    I found ‘The Revenant’ to be an interesting read although it was quite boring at the beginning. But after a few chapters it got interesting and I actually couldn’t put the book down then. One of the best things I found about the book is that it is very descriptive. When I read the book I felt as if I had reached that forest, that river bank, living those scenes along with Glass. Through the book I felt the magic of the woods. It also gives the reader many wilderness survival tips. 

    The book has the power to make us feel emotions. It makes the reader feel the emotions that the character feels. It is a revenge story and the reader too thirsts for revenge along with Hugh Glass.  

    One of the downsides to this book is that *SPOILER ALERT!* almost ALL the characters who are mentioned by name dies by the end of the book. The author introduces a character, tells us their story and then kills them off. This is something that kills the spirit of reading a good book. 

    Another downside that I found is that – for me – the climax wasn’t so satisfactory. The storyline upto the climax had this great buildup but I felt like it suddenly fell flat at the end. It’s very frustrating to read such a book. 

    Even with it’s shortcomings it is a book that can be enjoyed by adventurous outdoor types or homey indoor types (no offense to anyone!). 

    3 out of 5

    ~Sithara ⭐

    30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 18

    A book you could read over and over again and never get sick of.

    This is more a matter of a lot of books than just one book. I generally read fiction and there are a lot of books that I could read again and again and never get tired of. I do read a bit of non fiction but I haven’t found any books that I’d read again.

    One of my favorite books is Fault In Our Stars, and yes I would read this book a million times and never get tired of it. Its a very touching and yet heartbreaking book, but I love it all the same.


    The Harry Potter series is also something that I would never get tired of reading. Of the seven books my favorite is Goblet of Fire. The books are full of adventures, fun and it’s just magical! But there are also great life lessons hidden away in these books. (I’ve done a post about that. 7 Things Harry Potter Taught Me About Life. Hope you’ll read it.)


    I’d also read the Percy Jackson series a lot of times. Maybe it’s a bit childish but these books have taught me everything I know about Greek Mythology. Also they’re really fun to read and the creativity of Rick Riordan is just wonderful.



    I’m sure that there would be more books I would read again and again but that’s all I remember now. I should reaalllyyyy be getting some sleep now so bye-bye! Untill tomorrow!

    ~Sithara ⭐

    7 Things Harry Potter Taught Me About Life

    ||May contain spoilers for those who don’t know the story yet||

    1. One individual, one small act. That can make all the difference in the world.
    Harry Potter disarmed and took Draco Malfoy’s wand in a small fight. That’s what changed everything. That’s the whole linchpin of the story. Who knows what would have happened if he had not done that. So even if we don’t fight wars with wands everyday, now we know, a small act – and we may not know it then – is all that’s needed to make all the difference in the world. 

      2. Never ever judge someone without knowing them better.

      This is definitely a lesson which J.K. Rowling teaches us through her books. There are so many examples for this. People who we think are good and perfect in every way may not always be perfect. Albus Dumbledore is an example for this. Yes he was a great wizard but he too has made his share of mistakes and has his share of regrets. Meanwhile we despise and loathe Severus Snape. But at the end we find that he is one of the bravest and best characters of all. There are so many others who prove this time and time again. Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy are all examples. This is true with everyone we meet. They may not be who they seem to be. So never judge anyone before understanding them better. 

      Never judge a book by it’s cover.

      3. Nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love.

      (I would like to replace ‘mother’ with ‘parents’ here. But it still implies the same thing) This doesn’t need further explanation. Just two words: Lily Potter

      4. Never try to be someone you aren’t.

      Because it will come crashing down on you one day. *cough Lockhart cough* How ever hard you try you can never be someone you aren’t. Being yourself is the best, as Luna taught me. 

      5. Overcome your fears.

      However scared you are, if you fight hard enough, if you have the passion, you can always, always conquer fear. Neville Longbottom and Remus Lupin are perfect examples for this. They fought hard, they overcame their obstacles and became very fine people indeed. So if we can forget our fears, if we can take the risks, then all of us will go very far, fly high in our lives.

      6. Circumstances change people. 

      The behaviour, personality, how they react, all depends on the situations or circumstances that a person is in. This is shown to us by Draco Malfoy. If he hadn’t been born into that family, he may have become an entirely different person. Belonging to that family affected him in so many ways. That’s what shaped his life.  So before we judge someone, try to understand their situation, try to see why they act in the way they do, because inevitably in life, our circumstances change us. 

      7. Racism is never acceptable. 

      Where did all the stuff about purebloods and mudbloods get them? In a whole load of trouble, that’s where. There is no need to point out that purebloods and mudbloods are just symbols for the racism we see in our world. We must realise how much destruction it causes in our society and among nations. We must realise that racism is never acceptable and that we should do our best to put a stop to it.

      Honorary mention:

      No matter how old you get, always enjoy the things you love. 

       “When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, ‘After all this time?’ And I’ll say, ‘Always.’” –Alan Rickman.

      May your soul rest in peace Alan.

      So that’s what reading these wonderful books have taught me. Even if you haven’t read the books or watched the movies, I hope these lessons that I’ve learned will earn a place in you heart too. 

      ~Sithara ⭐️ 

      Things Book Lovers Don’t Want To Hear You Say

      Hey Guys, We book lovers are a fickle bunch, but usually very nice people who love to immerse ourselves into new worlds and meet new characters as often as we can, which is great, but unfortunately some people don’t seem to understand our love. Ok! Obsession! Some people will go as far as to give […]

      So true!