Why You Need Positivity and How to Bring it Into Your Life

Hey guys!

Like I said in my last post, I’m entering a contest held by The Stylish Dreamer (its awesome and today is the last day to enter so you’ve still got time if you want to and here’s a link to her orginal post). It’s all about spreading positivity which I think is a really great idea because lets face it, positivity has been something that has been lacking in today’s world. So I’m required to post on positivity (along with a few other requirements). And here is my post!! 

I was thinking about what I’d write and I wanted to do something different.  I didn’t want to blab on and on like a bad philosophical book so I thought why not take a more practical approach to it? Yes we talk about positivity but why exactly do we need it? Isn’t it just easier to think negative? (Because THAT sure comes easily) Well you’ll find that it’s not and so here it is! 

5 reasons why you need positivity in your life

  • No stress:-When you think positive it obviously reduces negative thoughts and also worries and tensions which will of course result in a very stress free life.
  • Great first impression:- If you are a positive person it will reflect in your actions and words and people will notice that when they meet you. This will create a great first impression and help you in many situations like competitive interviews. 
  • Helps to turn a problem into your favor:- If you are a positive thinker, then you can find opportunities in the problems that arise in your life. This will help you to face the problem and turn them in your favor. 
  • Better relationships:- If you think positive you will avoid finding faults and seeing only the negative things in people and that will help you have better relationships with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and almost anyone. 
  • Good health:- Positive thinking will of course increase mental and physical health. It’ll help you keep away from diseases and postive thinkers rarely fall into depression. Many a times you can find that people may fall sick if they have too many bad thoughts. So positive thinking keeps you healthy.  

    So now you’ve got reasons to be positive. But how exactly can you be positive? And so here are,

    5 ways to bring positivity in your life

      • Consciously try to think positive:- This may sound obvious but if you really make an effort you will find that you can think positive more and gradually you’ll do it automatically.  
      • A good meal and a good night’s rest:- Aren’t we all crabby and snappy when we’re hungry or tired? A satisfying meal and getting enough sleep will definitely keep you in good spirits and increase your positivity. 
      • Read and listen to positive things:- However sceptical you may be, a good motivational or positive thinking book or speech can do wonders for you. Even if you don’t get what’s in the book or audio, your mind will unconsciously start being more positive. 
      • Do things that make you happy:- You may have a very busy schedule, but find time to do things that make you happy. Maybe it’s an old forgotten hobby or spending time with someone you love. More happiness of course, equals more positivity. 
      • Find the silver lining:- Yes this too is an obvious thing that many people are sceptical of. But if you force yourself (I say force because this maybe exceptionally hard to do sometimes) to find atleast a good thing in a problem, you’ll find yourself gradually doing that automatically. If you find a positive thing in a problem then you could use it to your advantage and find new opportunities in a problem. It gives you the confidence to face the problem head on rather than leave it for later. 

        And here’s one more bonus point that I personally assure you will definitely bring positivity to your life. And it is

        • Spread positivity to the people around you:- Be kind, help someone out, give random surprises to your loved ones, comfort someone if they’re feeling low or simply smile at someone.  You never know what could make someone’s day. And I promise the more you make others happy the more you’ll feel happy. 

        So there you go! You’ve got reasons to be positive and you know how to bring it in your life! Be happy, be positive, be kind and don’t let negative thoughts get you down. 

        Would you say that you’re a positive person? Tell me what you think of this post and whether it will help you. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say on this. 

        Untill next time!

        ~Sithara ⭐


        One Year Blogoversary! And a few thoughts on leaving school

        Hello everyone!!! Finally my exams are over and I can finally start writing (more) again! As you can see from the title, its my one year BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!! I cannot believe it’s been a year. Last year I never even thought about starting a blog. And now here I am! I’ve got 196 AWESOME followers! I cannot believe so many people have actually liked what I write. Each like, each comment and each follow, it really means a whole lot to me. So a HUUUGGEEEEE thank you to my amazing followers and to all the people who’ve read my posts, who’ve liked and commented. Thank you to the wonderful people who’ve tagged me and nominated me for awards. And just gaahhh thank you!!!! I’m not really doing anything special for the blogoversary mostly because I have no idea what to do… (Suggestions are more than welcome!) 

        Anyway I was in 12th grade this year which means I’m going to college next year! Omg I can’t believe it!!! Me??!!! In college????? It still hasn’t sort of sunk in that I’ve finished my school education. I still sort of expect to go back to class after a few days. I went past my school today and that’s when it hit me… It won’t be my school anymore. I won’t sit in that class again, those teachers will never take classes for me again, I won’t ever study with those students again… On one side it seems perfectly normal because of course I knew this day would come but on the other side it’s too much to take in and I still can’t believe its happening… I have no idea where 11th grade went I mean… WHERE IS IT?? Looking back, these past two years have been a blur. Maybe it was because I was having fun. But however fast the years went I did make friendships to last a lifetime and also beautiful memories. I have no idea how I’ll make it through college without my crazy best friend by my side. 

        Anyway that’s it. I’m also entering a contest held by the awesome The Stylish Dreamer. You guys should really join because it’s an awesome contest and it spreads positivity! Here’s a link to the orginal post for the full details! So I’ll be posting on positivity for the contest so look out for that! 

        Until next time! 

        ~Sithara ⭐

        The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

        Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been posting much but I have exams going on which will finish this Tuesday (Finally!!). Meanwhile I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Ally Mare from Write Ally! Write! Do check out this awesome blog of beautiful poems and haikus. And thank you so much for the nomination. Receiving awards always mean so much to me. 

        Moving on, the RULES are:

        • Display the award on your blog.
        • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
        • Share 7 facts about yourself.
        • Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.

        So here are 7 FACTS about me:

        1. I’m currently in my final year of school. (Finals are going on)
        2. I’m a huge potterhead and marvel fan. (Along with quite a lot of other fandoms)
        3. On a related note, I’m a Hufflepuff and my favorite superhero happens to be Iron man. 
        4. I’m an Aries. (Birthday in a few days eek!)
        5. I can get emotional quickly.
        6.  I don’t have a very large group of friends but I’m very close with the ones I have.
        7. I don’t use makeup. 

          Here are my NOMINATIONS: 

          1. The Stylish Dreamer
          2. My Independent Wings
          3. Recipe that’s Easy
          4. My Bookish Life
          5. Writing With Style
          6. Writings to Heaven
          7. A Word of Substance 
          8. 50shad3s0fjay

            I know it says 10… But I’m 2 short… Oops😳

            Anyway to my nominees, I know that you may have received this award a zillion times but please let me know if you decide to do this! 

            Untill next time! 



            Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible!! Its such a nice thing to know that people read what I write and that they like it! Last year if someone had told me that I’d have a blog now AND have a thousand likes I would have just laughed. Thank you to my lovely readers for making this possible!!! 

            ~Sithara ⭐

            The Black Cat Blue Sea Award!

            Hello everyone! I was nominated for the Black Cat Blue Sea Award by the amazing trainofthought from My Bookish Life. Thank you sooo much for that! I was getting a bit demotivated to blog and this award definitely helped boost my confidence. trainofthought is quite popular so if you haven’t come across her blog yet please do check it out! 

            The rules:

            • Anybody nominated can nominate eight other bloggers
            • The nominee answers questions posted by the nominator 
            • The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions
            • If any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simple does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to get the award.

            Onto answering her questions:

            1. What is your favorite food?

            Chocolate is not a food so that means I can’t say that. 😝 I’d say chicken biriyani (like many keralites) is my favorite food!

            2. When did you start blogging? 

            Last march (towards the end) right after finishing my 11th grade exams! 

            3. Worst crime you’ve committed?

            Crime? Well I haven’t exactly committed any law breaking crimes… I’m not exactly sure how to answer this so I think I’ll leave it at that…

            My questions:

            1. What’s your favorite season and why?

            2. What’s your opinion on Trump winning the election? (If you don’t have any particular opinion you can answer it that way)

            3. A stereotype that annoys you the most?

            My nominees:

              So once again thank you so much to trainofthought for nominating me! And to my nominees, please let me know if you accept the award. I’d love to read your post.

              Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

              ~Sithara ⭐

              A (Not So) Little Post About My School

              Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted and I’m really really sorry. Now that I’m finally posting, I thought I’d share a bit from my life. A few days back All India Radio or Aakashavani had approached our school (Government Vocational Higher Secondary School For Girls, Nadakkavu ) to do a documentary on it. Myself and one other girl had been selected to present our experience as students there and I thought I’d share my experience and my impression about my school with you guys!

              I had studied in a very reputed school for all my life untill 10th grade and I was very reluctant to leave my friends and join a new school in +1. But hearing that the classes were very good I applied and got in for the Commerce Statistics stream (my first preference)! What’s special about our school is that in a developing country such as ours, my school has been raised to international standards by the Faizal and Shabana Foundation and the PRISM project. Through that the students get a lot of facilities (more on that later) that most of the schools in our country don’t have. 

              When I first visited the school for my admissions I was awed by the beautiful and lush gardens my school has. My school is in the middle of the city where it is very hard to find any greenery except for the occasional roadside shrubs and weeds. But inside the school it is a very beautiful place filled with colourful blooms and tall trees. Because of this I find the school to be a very calm and soothing place.

              I got a better chance to eplore my school once my classes started. We have well lit smart classrooms, ISRO sponsored labs and a telescope from the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum. We have an astro turf football ground and we were very honoured when the famous football player Ronaldinho visited our school and interacted with our football team. We also have an indoor stadium where we can play volleyball, basketball and many other games. We have a clean canteen that can seat upto 400 students at a time and the food is also very delicious! Clean and convinient washrooms are also a blessing for us students.

              When you read this it may not seem like much. But for us, as students we couldn’t ask more. It’s truly a blessing to get all these facilities in a developing country like ours. 

              Being the introvert that I am, I never participated in anything. But since I joined GVHSS for girls, Ndkv, I had the chance to participate in many things like our food fest, sent – off for our seniors and so on. I also got chances to write more (which is something I absolutely love). I’m grateful for that. 

              My classes are great, our teachers are hardworking and dedicated and I finally love the subjects that I study! I definitely have no regrets in joining a new school after 10th grade. 

              I’ve made a lot of friends here who I will treasure and memories that I’ll cherish for my whole life. I think that I’m very lucky and proud to be studying in GVHSS for girls, Nadakkavu. 

              ~Sithara ⭐


              Hey guys… I know its been a long time. I’m so sorry for not posting and for not reading your wonderful posts and for generally being inactive. I’ve been really busy with school work and my cousin’s marriage. I really don’t get time to write anything these days as much as I want to. But I promise I’ll post something this week! Once again I’m really sorry! 

              ~Sithara ⭐

              Happy Friendship Day!

              True friends are the ones who cares for us, loves us, values us and stays by our side at all times. They are the ones we can trust. True friendship is an unbreakable bond that lasts throughout our lives. True friends are our mirrors. They show us who we are. The show us the good in us and also our faults. Its with them that we make the most beautiful memories. They are one of the most valuable treasures life can ever give us. 

              So I wish you all a very happy and memorable Friendship Day. Treausre your friends. They are angels sent by God (or just sometimes miniature devils 😉 ). 

              I’d also like to dedicate this post to all my friends, especially my best friend Aleena. I’m truly lucky and honored to have such a great person like her in my life. 

              Once again wishing all of you a very happy friendship day! 

              ~Sithara ⭐

              Respect Award!!

              Hey guys! First of all let me apologize for not posting the past week. I really did want to post, I did have ideas and all… But I’ve just been so busy this week! My +1 results came out last Wednesday *gasp!*. I have alright marks (5A+’s and 1A). My cousin and grandfather had birthdays last week and I was also busy with school work. I realise that these are poor excuses, but I still owe all you wonderful people who read what I write an explanation…

              Enough of the lame excuses! Getting on to writing about this wonderful award I’ve received from trainofthought (you should definitely check out her awesome blog ‘My Booky Life‘ for tips on writing and blogging, books reviews and lots more!). It was such a pleasant surprise receiving this award. It means so much to me to know that I’ve earned someone’s respect!

              The rules are simple. Just answer the questions and place the above picture in your post.

              1. What is respect and what does it mean to you?

              For me respect is something to be earned. I think earning someone’s respect is very hard and it’s irreplaceable once it’s been lost. I think we respect someone when we see that they’ve done something that we ourselves thought was impossibe. Respect is not something that is just given away like it’s something we don’t have a use for anymore. It is given with feelings and emotions that touch the heart. For me respect earnt is one of the best treasures of life.

              2. Who do you respect the most?

              My parents. They are strong people ready to face any hardship in life. They have overcome so many difficulties. They have made me who I am today. They have taken care of me, given me everything I’ve ever needed, sacrificed so much for me and loved me unconditionally. So for me they are definitely who I respect the most.

              3. Which bloggers have earned your respect?

              So here, in no particular order, are the bloggers whom I respect for their various talents.

              • ItsJerrod :- He’s only 14 but he has such a great blog and also started a group blog named The Artistics. When I was 14 I was pretty much sitting around doing nothing.
              • Zwain Movie Reviews :- As the name implies it’s a blog for movie reviews. I respect this blogger because of the way he can write so many good reviews. I can only barely write 2 posts a week! 
              • The Purple Splash :- This blogger’s posts present current issues in our society in such a different and unique manner (I have always wanted to write like that) and all the other posts are pretty great too!

              So that’s it! Receiving awards mean a whole lot to me so once more a million thanks to trainofthought for nominating me! 

              Untill next time!

              ~Sithara ⭐️

              Remembering Students Are Humans

              Students. Who are they? Each and every one of us, we are students or have been students in our lives. We have gone to different schools, to different colleges. We have met a lot of people. We have been new students in a school, we have been freshmen terrified by seniors. We have faced said seniors and bullies. But what if these bullies, the people who call themselves our ‘seniors’, the ones who are supposed to guide us, supposed to welcome us to our new schools, who are supposed to be our role models, humiliate us? Torture us? Maybe they tease us as a joke. A joke we can take as a joke. But what if they commit crimes? What if they torture us in ways that are not even imaginable?

              Recently a Keralite girl studying BSc Nursing in Karnataka was allegedly ragged by her seniors. According to the girl, she was forced to drink bathroom cleaning fluid. This caused severe damage to her internal organs which will take another 6 months to heal. The acid in the fluid burned her internal organs and made two parts of the esophagus inseparable and an endoscopic surgery is needed for her. Doctors from the hospital where she is admitted said that her body is not currently fit for surgery and that she is being tube fed. The college authorities have tried to cover up the incident as a suicide attempt but no case of suicide was registered. The girl herself has said that she was forced to drink the cleaning fluid by senior girls in the college. The truth in this has not yet been uncovered, but police have investigated and charged cases against the accused.

              As unreal and gruesome as this incident seems, this is what is happening around us. Maybe things like this aren’t happening everywhere in the world but here it is definitely taking place. Students are part of this world too. They too have rights. The are humans irrespective of whether they are first year students or last year students. No one has the right to tease them, to humiliate them or to torture them.

              We have raised our voice for women. We have raised our voice for the LGBT community. We have raised our voice for Mother Nature. Now, it is time to raise our voice for the students. It is time to stand by them. It is time to speak for their safety, for their right to live without fear.

              ~Sithara ⭐