Poem 2 || Safe Harbour

Where dwells the peace
Where the laughter comes with ease,
Where there is hope and there are dreams
Every joy is there it seems.

Sweet home of mine that comforts
Through whatever life concocts,
The refuge, the safety, the place to be
When darkness spreads around me.

~Sithara ⭐

PS: This was for English class. It isn’t very good. *glances around a bit embarrassed* Still hoping you’ll like it!


Poem 1 || Into A Dream 

I could dream of skies so blue 
I could dream of meadows green
And I could dream of beauty too
But I can’t dream of what is true

I could dream of flowers in bloom 
I could dream of seas so blue
And I could dream of no more gloom
But I can’t dream of what is true

O’er the hills and far away
Through the mountains and past the day
To a place where dreams will stay
I shall go be on my way

I shall leave this place forlorn 
Be on my way, so far away
And I shall go all alone
Back to where the dreams shall stay

And when I reach, I shall stay
I won’t leave come what may
In that place so far away 
I shall dream and dream again

This is a poem that I wrote last year for my school’s poetry writing competition. It’s not very good but I am proud to say that I came first (!!!!!!). I hope you guys will like it and tell me your opinion… 

Bye-bye then! 

~Sithara ⭐