The Best of 2017.

Hello everyone!

Happy 2018! (I realize I might be – quite possibly – a bit late in saying so). I hope you’ve had an amazing year so far. How was your 2017? Mine was… Well I think it was one of the best years of my life. Sure it hasn’t all been fun and games but a lot of good things did happen too, far more than the negative things I’d say. A lot of things happened in my life, the biggest being me finishing school and starting college. I met a lot of new people, made a lot of memories, traveled to new places and had many new experiences in 2017. I’d say travelling to Singapore with my parents was one of the best things that happened in 2017. I finished my book goal of 60 books (with exactly 60 books – whew that was close), I performed a few times onstage getting a bit more confidence to face my stage fear and I got great grades in my last year of school (which is like a REALLY huge thing here, more so than other places), so yeah I’ve done a few things to make myself proud (finally!). Now, I think I’ll leave it at that and not go into all the negative things that happened, right?

Moving on… I’ve been thinking of writing this post since December but due to my excessive amounts of procrastination, I have successfully managed to drag it into practically the middle of February. Anyway, 2017 has given us some great music, films, books etc and here are some of them which I think are the best of 2017.

The Best Books of 2017

Now, these are the best books that I read in 2017 and not only ones that have been published in 2017. I read a lot of books last year (60 to be precise) but only a few of them managed to leave a mark in my mind. And here are the 5 books that I most loved from what I read in 2017.

  1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth
  4. How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern
  5. The Monstrous Child by Francesca Simon
The Best Music of 2017

2017 has seen the wild popularity of songs like Despacito and Shape of You in the music industry and yes they are included in my list because I did like those songs a lot. So here are the 10 songs that I loved the most from 2017 (there are 10 because I just couldn’t stop at 5).

  1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
  2. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  3. Havana by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug
  4. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift
  5. What Lovers Do by Maroon 5
  6. Dusk Till Dawn by ZAYN ft, Sia
  7. Attention by Charlie Puth
  8. i hate u, i love u by Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien
  9. Naked by James Arthur
  10. Paris by The Chainsmokers
The Best Movies of 2017

So being a Marvel fan, I literally dragged my father along to watch 3 Marvel movies last year (as my parents won’t let me go alone to watch movies), and those 3 were definitely amazing. Apart from those, the movies I watched from the theatre were Malayalam movies (Malayalam is my mother tongue). So like I did with the books, I think I’ll just list the best movies I watched in 2017 and not just ones that were released in 2017.

  1. La La Land(2016)
  2. Thor: Ragnarok(2017)
  3. Aanandam(2016) (That’s a Malayalam movie)
  4. Spiderman: Homecoming(2017)
  5. Captain America: Civil War(2017)

(Which shows that I’m not a Marvel fan. Nope definitely not a fan)

    The Best Trends of 2017

    Like all years, 2017 too had it’s fair share of trends and things that went viral. And so here are 5 of them that I thought were most interesting.

    1. Fidget spinners (This one was obvious)
    2. Slime (This too)
    3. Bitcoin (I still have no clue)
    4. 13 Reasons Why (The TV show that managed to create the same amount of hype Game of Thrones did)
    5. Donald Trump (Yes this is a person but he did manage to become a trend in 2017)

    And so that’s it! I sincerely hope I will post more this year. I love to write but I just HATE typing so much… Is that weird? And are the endings of my posts really awkward?

    Anyway what do you think of my lists? Which were your favorite songs and books and movies? Did you follow these trends too? Is there anything you think I missed? What was the best part of your 2017? Let me know what you think in the comments!

    Until next time!

    ~Sithara ⭐



      From My Life To My Blog… (I need your opinion!!!)

      Hello everyone!

      Soooo I had gone on an unannounced hiatus for almost 3 months because I had writer’s block (and I’ve been lazy… Oops..). And now I am proud to say that I am back!

      A lot has happened in my life in the past few months and I think it’s a new chapter in my life and hopefully for my blog too…

      I started college a month back (A month??? When did that happen?) and so far it’s been absolutely amazing! I got into the college I wanted and for the course I loved (Bachelor of Arts, Functional English), and I have great friends there so I’m really happy about it all. My course is actually really fun to study (we even have a creative writing paper in our 5th semester and I am already so excited!) and the teachers are great so hopefully it’ll be easy. 

      It was the election last week at college so all the students were really hyped up about it and the students from the political parties did campaigning and stuff and the party I supported won! So yayy!! Meanwhile we first years are getting accustomed to ‘college life’. The great thing is that my classmates, with one month of studying together act like all of us have know each other for a year so there has never been any awkwardness… 

      That’s the bag that I bought for college… #FriendsFanForLife

      I’ve always been really introverted and I think in the past few months I’m starting to become a bit more outgoing? Maybe almost to the level of an ambivert? I’ve anchored at my cousin’s wedding… Entered a singing competion, started talking more to people I don’t know that well and generally became a bit more interested to engage in various activites rather than just sitting holed up at home with my books (I’ve read SO MUCH)… So yeah that’s what’s been going on in my life…

      Now… About my blog… I haven’t really posted for a long while now except for the micro story I wrote a few weeks back… But now I fully intend to post regularly. But I haven’t been completely out of touch with the blogosphere these past months. I participated in The Typwriter Project the amazing Ilsa hosted and I’m also participating in The Scribbler’s Challenge held by May!

      About the things you can expect on my blog well… There’s gonna be a part 2 to my positivity post which is gonna be sort of an opposite to what I wrote earlier… Not giving away too much on it… 

      I’m also thinking of doing some posts on specific days… Like Music Mondays and Foodie Fridays… And maybe Booky Sundays too.. (I know, not very creative names… Maybe you guys could suggest something?) I’ve been thinking about doing these for a while now but what made me decide is reading Sasha‘s Wacky Wednesday post. 

      So basically what they are… For Music Mondays I’m gonna write about maybe a specific artist or about a song I heard that I liked… It could even be about a movie soundtrack… 

      Foodie Fridays are gonna be about something new I tried, something I tried to make or a recipe…

      Booky Sundays… Well anything related to books really… And I’ll of course be continuing my Micro Story series…

      Obviously I’m not gonna be doing this every Monday, Friday and Sunday… Once a month maybe? And do you guys want me to do more posts like these where I can give you updates on my life and generally get to know me better? I haven’t been doing that much on my blog so would you guys like to read that?

      Anyway that’s about it! 

      So what do you think? Have I been away too much? What kind of posts do you guys want me to write? What do you think about the special day posts? Do you want updatey posts? Is there any of your posts you want me to read? Let me know in the comments!

      Untill next time!


      P.s: The pictures in my featured image is my college (the images were not taken by me).

      2016 Wrap Up!

      Hello everyone!

      It’s definitely been a long time… I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a month(!) I’ve been pretty busy with my second terminal exams, special classes which started the next day after Christmas and tons of assignments…

      Even though I didn’t have many holidays I did enjoy Christmas and I got to meet an old friend after a long time on Christmas eve! I enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with my parents. And here are a few pictures!

      But back to the point of the post… 2016 comes to an end today and I thought I’d write about the highlights of my blog this year!

      Well I started my blog this year in march. I never thought I’d get the response I am getting now for my blog. I never thought so many of you would read what I write! I found some pretty awesome blogs out here and made friends with my fellow bloggers. Here are just some of the awesome things 2016 brought about for my blog!

      • I have 170 amazing followers! (Thank you so much! It means so much to me!!)
      • I got almost a 1000 likes! (958 to be precise)
      • I wrote 88 posts.
      • I’ve received 4 awards!

        These are just some of the amazing things that I’m grateful for. 

        I’ve written 88 posts so far and here are 5 of them which I feel are the best that I’ve written. 

        1. 10 Things Introverts Want You To Know
        2. Micro Story 4
        3. Why I Love Writing And Why You Should Too
        4. 5 Tips To Deal With Stress
        5. 7 Things Harry Potter Taught Me About Life

          My goals for my blog for 2017: 

          They’re pretty simple… Try to get 300 followers and be more consistent in my writing! 

          2016 wasn’t such a good year for many but for me it was actually alright. It was a good year and I hope the next will be even better.

          So that’s the wrap up for my blog for 2016. I hope all of you had a fantastic year and hoping the next will be great for all of you too!


          Just an Intro! 

          It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started my blog and I realised that I haven’t introduced myself yet. So here goes!

          My name is Sithara and I’m a sixteen year old girl. I’m new to blogging and I started this blog because I love writing and I also want to improve my writing skills. So you guys are free to suggest anything to improve my work. 

          I’m someone who’s passionate about music and reading. So you can expect a few posts about that. But apart from that I’ll be posting about random topics. I’m not the kind of person who sticks to the same topic for every post (you can see that if you’ve read my previous posts). 

          It’s soooo exciting to see so many different blogs out here and I’m hoping mine will get noticed too 🙂 I’ve come to like blogging very much and I’m looking forward to writing more and hopefully getting feedback too. 

          I would also like to thank the few people who have actually read my blog untill now. Seriously, thanks guys! 

          So that’s about it. Looking forward to writing more. Untill the next post then. Bye!

          ~Sithara ⭐️

          Nothing Too Serious 

          Happy Fools’ Day!

          As we all know today is the day to prank people to your heart’s content and try not to get pranked yourself. But has anyone ever thought what the orgin of this day is? Well I’m here just to tell you that… How this day actually got started was when this guy named Tonto Black was born… (As you can guess he was born on April 1st.) I have no idea why he was named Tonto considering that it meant fool in spanish. Anyway, as you can guess he got teased a LOT because of his name throughout his childhood and even after he grew up. But he didn’t let that bother him and he became a very successful trader. (I don’t know if it bothered him, I’m assuming it didn’t.) But even then people kept teasing him. On his birthday instead of wishing him people kept saying ‘Here comes Tonto on his special day, Tonto’s day, fools’ day!’ Even so he was successful, people knew him and for the same reasons his birthday came to be known as Fools’ day. And believe it or not THAT is why we still celebrate fools’ day on April 1st!

          Nah I’m just kidding! APRIL FOOLS! 

          I know that its not a very good prank and that the story seems VERY made up (it is) but that’s the best I could do in such little time.

          The best thing to do if you don’t want to be pranked today is to stay in your house, don’t answer any phone calls or texts, no browsing through social media, and most importantly TRUST NO ONE! 😉

          Anyway hope you have a good time, keeps the pranks simple and nothing too serous. Happy fools day once again! ☺️

          Tomorrow Will Be Kinder 

          Recently I happened to hear the song Tomorrow will be kinder by The Secret Sisters. It’s actually a part of The Hunger Games soundtrack. It’s a very soothing song. Soft. Melodious. But apart from being very pleasant to the ear, this song’s lyrics are very captivating. Inspirational even. Some of the lines goes like this:

          Tomorrow will be kinder

          It’s true, I’ve seen it before

          A brighter day is coming my way

          Yes, tomorrow will be kinder.

          You know, its true, what the song says. You may think that when problems come, when there are obstacles in your path, you have no way out. But that’s simply not true. You can always find solutions to any problem if you don’t lose faith. As they say, if there is a will, there is a way! So if you are surrounded by problems in life and see no way out, don’t lose hope. Believe that everything will be alright. Believe that there’s something better for you out there. Be brave, work hard, keep smiling and I’m sure, tomorrow will be kinder!

          An Occasion to Give

          Happy Easter everyone! 

          Around this time of the year many people think ‘Oh its Easter! Shouldn’t we be doing something good for others?’ And they do. Many people have many occasions to do something philanthropic, something to help the needy and the poor. This is all very good and exemplary, I’m not saying its not.

          But giving only when a celebration comes, when a holy day comes, when a festival comes, is it right? Should helping others just be part of a job to complete on special days? 

          Helping and caring is just a part of human nature. Why confine it to just a few days of the year? One little deed of good we do everyday can help improve the lives of so many around us. So let go of what’s holding you back. Share a bit with those who have nothing and care a bit for those who have no one. Not just on some days but everyday! 

          The Little Cues and Signs

          Rushing on with our busy lives, in a hurry to get to our destinations, don’t you think that we miss all the little things and signs we see around us that makes us who we are? We never notice the coolness of the breeze on our fevered faces, we never hear the sweet melodies that the birds chirp out, we don’t feel the shade that all the vast trees around us give us, we don’t see the enchanting colours of the flowers around us… In fact we don’t even have the time to appreciate the heavenly smell of the alluring delicacies our mother cooks for us! 

          Why do we ignore all these little snipets of heaven our world provides for us? What’s the use of just rushing on trying to get things done as fast as we can? Life is too short to ignore the beauty of the world we live in.

          So go ahead, take some time out just to notice all the little signs and cues, the little bits of beauty that we see all around us everyday!